Key to a Handsome Townhouse

I didn’t see a thread about this so…[li]

I made my main into a PoSI about six months ago, and today I was looking forward to doing it with my alt, but I’ve gotten stuck on the Respectable Lodgings opportunity.

When I got the card for my main there were a number of options: any of the four-card lodgings (the bazaar, Brass Embassy, Bethlehem hotel) or a handsome townhouse, or several two-card lodgings. My current alt has the bazaar lodgings. Now, however, there’s only one choice available - Key to a handsome townhouse.

When did this happen? WHY did this happen? The bazaar took a lot of grinding to get, and it ought to be just as ‘respectable’ a lodgings as the handsome townhouse, if not better since you can keep more cards. Is there another opportunity card that I can look for or do I now have to grind for lodgings I’ll only be using once?

Don’t worry, the option hasn’t gone away. It’s on a different card. Just keep drawing, and you should get the one you need before too long.


If there are changes to becoming POSI I don’t know how to go about getting to that level. I’m pretty sure that there were various options to increase the quality when I did it - clothing; housing and friends/acquaintances so I expect you can get there using other cards.

But a Handsome Townhouse has some new opportunities for a POSI as it ties into the new Salon/Orphanage option. So it is well worth getting the Key to a Handsome Townhouse when you get the opportunity.