Key of Dreams strategy?

Does everyone with a new game just leave KOD on every storylet and then remove them all on a swipe whe ready for play testing? Is there a method to do this? Is it easier to just lock the intro then remove as you create?

I just didn’t want to waste clicky - time if there’s an easier way. :-)

I usually remove KOD on all but the first storylet if there are going to be must chains from the first one out, to keep players from accessing them but to make sure I don’t wind up not offering the player certain branches.

So long as you place the key at an early locking point (such as an intro storylet), that should keep a player out. Unless you made a mistake and allow some storylets to be accessed before doing the intro, which is something you should fix anyway.

Yeah, I use a lot of different arks in my games when it comes to main story and they all start with a single card, so it would be impossible to see them without the intro. Be careful though, I have a lot of opportunities too and if you remove KoD on them when there aren’t any other prerequisites, they will be seen right away.

What I did was left it on a branch of my intro card, so people can read the intro, but not play the card. I could see it being a problem if you allow anything else to happen while the player is holding “A Stranger”.