Keep Losing Admiralty's favour?

So twice now I’ve noticed that upon returning to London, I had zero Admiralty’s favour left, despite having earlier raised it to 5 or higher. I can’t recall doing anything that used it up or drew their displeasure. Does it normally decrease after a while or something?

No, it does not normally decrease on its own. You may wish to consult this thread:

Check what port reports you’ve been sending in. I just found out that Salt Lions reports zero Favour.

Was just about to post about the Salt Lions. I strongly suspect this is unintended.

There was a period of time when this happened for Polythreme port reports, although it’s been fixed now. Possibly the same issue?

Reporting the salt lions just reset my admiral’s favor to zero (from 30!) and caused the admiral to disappear entirely as if I had raised one of the other supremacies too high.

If it’s like the Polythreme bug, you can just submit port reports to the office until you have enough Favour to talk to the admiral again.

If the office disappeared entirely, er… that’s a problem!

Yeah I’m guessing it was a bugged port report, which is annoying as I’ve already discovered quite a few ports, so getting ‘fresh’ reports becomes harder. Gonna check again to make sure. I supposed the Salt Lions bug is already reported?

Never hurts to report any bug you experience, even if you think others will have too - helps Failbetter track them better! Anyhow, I’ve found the same bug happening with the report for Varchas, Closed To Visitors, so heads up if you’ve got that one ready to submit.

I just got the exact same bug happen to me not 15 minutes ago Katarina. I think it was handing in a Salt Lions Port Report that did it. The whole Admirality is gone from the tabs now. Off to send in a bug report. Heads up to anyone who has just returned from Salt Lions.

This is just for more information as I haven’t collected a Port Report from the Salt Lions or Varchas yet.

So far, I haven’t had a problem with the new locations for Port Reports. I have successfully given reports from Frostfound; Demeaux; Khan’s Shadow and the Chelonate.

Salt Lions has now been fixed.

I didn’t get an update – is Varchas also fixed? Maybe I should wait for some kind of update on my end before risking it…

Haven’t hit Varchas yet, will advise as soon as I do

I experienced this bug yesterday. I haven’t been to Varchas, so it was either Salt Lions or Polythreme. While hoping for a bugfix, is there any way to start building favor again that doesn’t require fresh new ports? I have very few undiscovered ports left, and my favor is at zero, meaning I can’t even get in to see the Admiral.

Strategic Information will get you sent to the Admiral, where you can turn in Moves in the Great Game, Vital Intelligence, Revelatory Charts, Strategic Information (better to convert to V.I.), etc. all of which gain you favour.

It’s probably still Salt Lions. I haven’t had a problem with it since Release, but others have reported it zeroing their favour on the Steam forums.
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Same thing just happened to me, and sure enough, it was after a visit to the Salt Lions.

Was the Salt Lions fix a post-release patch put out via story update? If so, maybe some folks haven’t downloaded it.