Just what IS Frostfound?

I’ve been trying to figure it out, but I&quotm honestly stumped as to what it’s suppsoed to represent. I tlooks sorta like the Sun Machine (also an enigma to me), and yes I’ve gone through the entire tower, but it still sorta baffles me. Unless it has something to do with the new &quotexhaltation&quot arc in which case i haven’t finished that yet but will be close to soon)

So yes, spoiler me please (with spoilers of course).

I do love this game’s lore though, it’s pure bliss.

This is the sort of ultra-obscure lore-riddle that Spacemarine9 is all over - check out his Sunless Sea blog, where Frostfound and the Traveller Returning are discussed in some detail. My summary would be something along the lines of… a wandering power came to the Neath, build a castle of ice and mystery, and then went elsewhere. Everything beyond that is, well, detail.

Oh good so it’s not just me! I do hope that the blog contains other mysteries like the Masters, Stone Pigs, Starved Men, and other myserious things that may be in Fallen London tha I don’t know about cause I haven’t really played it that much.

The Lore is awesome as I said though, and thanks!

Oh dear. If those are things of which you know little and are nevertheless exciting to you, then reading the ratmaster’s blog is going to make your head explode… In that case, do remember to bring a cloth, to clean up afterwards…

A rainbow dream castle made of ice :P

you joke mr dark gentleman, but that blog post genuinely made me stare at my screen for a while trying to figure out what I just read.