Just trying to survive?

I have Moloch Class Liner with the Sky Steel plating and I can’t get around Blue Kingdom without dying. Every enemy seems to see me before I can even see them on screen then pursues me across the entire map. They’re all faster than me and the correspondence ones hit a lot at a time and then I run into another enemy and I just get killed over and over again. Am I just bad at this game?

The Blue Kingdom is very dangerous. I’d advise running with minimal lights and identifying the safest paths. The Logoi will be neutral or hostile depending on your Blue Kingdom status.

Moloch is very good in the Reach and Albion, but a Medea-class liner from Eleutheria has higher shielding and two large weapon slots. This is incredibly useful in the Blue Kingdom, because it’s so small (less fuel/supplies needed) and with two Wraths of Heaven, nearly everything except Logoi can be destroyed in two hits.

Speaking of which, I highly recommend obtaining a Wrath of Heaven if you haven’t already.

Moloch liner is a trade ship , not that great for combat, blue kingdom is too dangerous for it. I recommend getting an Agravain and learning to use its incredible side strafe abilities. (And also put big shields in its plating slots.)