Just got my Merchant Cruiser. What to upgrade?

After taking my Tomb Colonist tourists everywhere in my way-too-tiny ship and looking in all the wrong places for Irem, I have my Merchant Cruiser… and no idea what, if anything, I should upgrade her with.

Here’s what I have:
Illryan Engines
Denunciation Guns
Pneumatic Ratsender

I’ve seen people recommend secure cargo (it would have been dashed useful to have when those colonists were wandering around eating EVERYTHING), but is there anything else?

Front Gun, Rear Gun, Better scope, Illryan engines will do, but always good to have something that can let it outrun lifebergs on the retreat. Never used secure storage as I find the need for guns more pressing…

Buy the best gun you can. I have the Helthrasher. The best thing is that you can leave this to a scion.
I have found that a rear gun isn’t worth it. It has too limited an arc of fire. It’s better to simply move in reverse.

I wouldn’t bother with anything better than the 100e scope until I could afford one with &quotobscure energies&quot.

I don’t bother with a ratsender either. it’s too expensive to be worth it. If you are that damaged, avoid combat.

Get a decent engine, preferably the serpentine.

Serpentine is definitely the best engine, but considering the hoops you have to jump through to get it, there’s no wonder :) I always have two guns in case I get caught dealing with a lifeberg while a swarm of bats comes sneaking in behind, just not worth not having both direction fire capability :) Never really used the Ratsender, but there’s nothing else to replace it, if you could put the secure storage there, there’d be mileage in it.

The Zong of the Zea fits to Auxillary. I have both Secure Storage and an Aft gun but I only equip the storage when I have any Tomb Colonists on my ship.

Wise move, I would ask how could dead things have such an appetite, but I’ve seen all the zombie films known to man and all they do is eat, so…

What do the obscure energies glim lamps do, anyway? I’m trying to decide between one of them and… well… a mansion. >> <<

I can’t see a difference, you’ve still got to turn your light off to get any sort of hiding done, which is a little irritating, but it’s a six point attribute bonus, so I suppose that’s a win.

And they don’t have a negative veils attribute either. I normally take veils as my boosted stat so that’s definitely nice.