Just Bought, Having Problems.

Hey everyone. So I recently bought and downloaded this game since it really looked interesting. I am not much of a cpu gamer (most of my gaming experience is on consoles) so I dont know if my cpu can run it properly. Some parts of the game simply dont load properly for me. Instead of the proper graphic I get a jumbled mash of tie die colors. This happens with the opening Failbetter logo, the ship in drydock rocking back and forth in the home port of Fallen London, the Light Ships just outside the main port, and the out of gameplay chart (which is really a problem with route planning). It could happen with more things but I havent gotten deep into the game or the map as of yet. Has anyone else experienced this sort of problem? Could it be my cpu isnt equipped for this game? I am running it on the bare minimum quality with no effects so that is kind of disheartening. Maybe if I posted some of my cpu specs people could tell me if I need to upgrade?

EDIT: I also just sent in a bug report too but I am kind of out of my element there if I am being honest.
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Assuming you’re on Windows, it sounds as if you need to update your version of DirectX, update your graphics card drivers or get a new graphics card!

Dang. In the back of my mind I kind of knew that was the problem. Does this info help? This is what I use.

-Graphics Card: ATI Radeon X1200 Series (Microsoft Corporation - WDDM)
-DirectX Version: DirectX 11
-Drivers are up to date
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You’d be better off asking the developers really, but I’d strongly suspect it’s the graphics hardware that’s the problem, not your processor. It’s possible that it’s a specific incompatibility with your card rather than it being too old or something.

Update your Graphics driver directly from the AMD website (Don’t muck about with Windows’ automatic drivers)

ok i’ll give that a try. thanks

So I updated a bunch of stuff I didnt know existed and it runs like a charm now. Thanks for the help guys.