Just a heads-up / Bring the celebration Home

The Gambling Den card’s bug where you can gamble and keep the card is reported and fixed… at the price of being removed from your hand after one single time at Gambling, no matter what.

So plan around that if you are grinding Notability!

Aw. Though I suppose I wasn’t using it to begin with, so no big loss for me personally.

Oh, no! I was just planning to go out partying for a few nights in a row, too. That’s a pretty big nerf to that card.

Thank you for the warning.

Wow, FB are really swinging the nerf hammer these days. I’ve got an alt who’s 65 nights on the town have just gone from being a legitimate resource for getting high notability once he’s gotten his BDR up to being a waste of resources. Now they’re only good for an occasional top-up (which isn’t needed thanks to all the other sources), or a minor boost when charging for the next tier, if you get lucky with your cards. Considering how tight the window is, I’d be amazed if I used a third of them on the way to fifteen.

Yeah, I think I’m going to go on a break, before I rage quit again. See you guys next exceptional story, maybe.

I’ve got 90 Nights on the Town that I made in the Bazaar Side-streets for exactly that, so I’m feeling it a bit too. At least they’ll be there if I ever need them for something else.

Yeah, it is a bit disappointing, since until now Nights on the Town could be used to store up excess MW (for a cost!) before Time the Healer comes to take them away.

It never occurred to me that the card’s behaviour is a bug. I’ve always assumed that it behaved as expected (i.e. that you spend time to accumulate and store excess MW, so you can release them all at once with this card).

The card, and also converting MW to NotT, are now much less useful (which is perhaps the intended result).

The original behavior was a feature, not a bug. Unfortunately it didn’t work well with the recently added game mechanics since you could keep the card forever as a constant Making Waves generator.

Ah, but is that really a huge problem? You still need the resources to play that option, and the card isn’t that rare - usually you could count on it coming pretty quickly after your hand was fully cleared for whatever reason.

I can see it being at least a little broken, especially with the card memory feature. It’s not rare, but before you did need to wait until the RNG gave it back to you. You also couldn’t use other cards while you were busy gambling, nor could you take some time to reduce your Scandal so you wouldn’t end up getting sent off to the Tomb-Colonies after acquiring all the Making Waves you needed for the high levels of Notability.

Does someone want to bug report this then? I don’t have the card in hand, but if it still says you can continue to do this, that’s a bug, whether or not it’s a mechanical bug or outdated information, that’s for FBG to decide.

I just submitted a follow-up to the bug report at ZenDesk about it. Might as well go all the way since I reported the bug in the first place :(

Ehhhhhhhhh, I just go the card, it didn’t say I could repeat it. And wikia doesn’t say that it ever DID say that. Still bug report worth IMHO though.

Maybe the night on the town itself could consume itself, at a cost of some other resource to pay for the party…

Picture a night on the town going to a page with a few actions…

Each of them would convert a differnt low level resource into relations with a group, and release the MW used to craft it in the first place.