June Exceptional Story: Déjà Vu

I really liked this one! The imagery was fantastic, and I liked exploring the weird dreamscape a bunch. Does anyone happen to have the echo for being a silverer and examining the dream more closely?

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I was not expecting an old-school text adventure! Neat!


I don’t think either is required to enjoy this one - you might miss context on the joke below, but otherwise it reads as a relatively straightforward story about loss and longing to me.

Fun fact, this depends on what decorations you chose! If you did Roman ruins, it’s sphinxstone; if you did plants, it’s Parabolan plants.

Reward is an Antique Mystery - I didn’t echo the result, but iirc you walk away while the two talk to each other, and they look happy.

I didn’t echo it but I took a screenshot:



This might be worth a new thread! If you can describe some parts of the setting that you’re into and where you’re at in the game, that’ll also help in narrowing down some options.

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I don’t know if I disagree actually! Like you’re right, the further I am from having finished it the more this one is growing on me. I really really like this one.

Honestly @Nolongeranidiot I’d maybe change my opinion, this is a pretty top tier ES.

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I enjoyed that! I’m a little lost now it’s done, though. It said there’d be a follow-up activity, and I don’t know where to look for it!


(just woke up, groggy)cool, I’d open it later.

Idk, I would have appreciated a kind of label like “If you have spectacles…” in the text, becsuse I kept thinking I was supposed to get them somehow. Thanks for the screenshot!

Oh, that’s EXACTLY what it was like. I guess I got used to the more narrative-esque flavor of the last several ES. I did like the way the crowds and dancers &c kept changing, that became very haunting.

I did play a ton of Zork back in the day so I’m not sure why my IF skills were not up to snuff!

I just got an Oppo card – it took a little bit though. It was about 131 pennies, lol, and “The first of many! See you again soon.” (I totally believe him) It would be nice to revisit that club! Idk if you’re supposed to get a bigger payout.

The payout is swingy according to the in game text; I’m curious if this is the upper or lower end.

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I’m just getting (re)started in this game, and it’s my understanding that I should be very choosy with my opportunity deck. From what I’ve heard, 1.3 echos per card is not even close to worthwhile. Would you recommend against investing, then?

Adding the card is an optional choice, so don’t let that deter you from the story!

It depends on your goals, bur frankly Heart’s Game is usually going to be better EPA late game than the deck anyways and this EPA is fine early game. I’d go by vibe.

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Well that ended pretty abruptly for me!

Ngl that’s a little disappointing. I do still have the Companion though.

Hello, I have something of an idea, I don’t know if it is too ‘spoilery’

For what you chose as the decor, it seems like it would make the reason why the dream happened change. For example, I chose the clockwork decor -it fits with the theme I tried, it is good- and due to that, the reason for the dream was said to be that some parts were from dawn machine surplus/wreckage being used. If you chose the plant/roman decor, what was the excuse you had? that is, if it is something you are willing to say.

I am interested in how the reasoning can vary widely, as I am reasonably sure the dawn machine has nothing to do with plant life/ is not a bio-machine -as we know it- , and that masonry is not anywhere close to being in its building instructions

Hello! I fixed your spoiler tags - I hope you don’t mind.

I chose the plant decor, and the plants turned out to be of Parabolan origins. I read that, if you chose the Classical statuary, it turns out to be psychoactive stone taken from the Salt Lions.


Yep- I took classical inspiration, and while the Debaucher (cheapskate that he is) did most of the columns/pillars out of paper mâché, the bases were sphinxstone that tended to cry a funky liquid, which I assume affected the air.


The terrible opp card is not discardable?? WHYYYYYY??? This one (at least for the options I picked) is even worse than the Cricket card. Why do they keep punishing us for buying ES? (Yes, investing was optional, but I had no idea it would add a terrible card that I can’t discard.)

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from HexBeloved scrip of text a bit higher up, it seems the investment won’t saddle you with a card for long

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