Judgements' Egg...

Very minor spoilers ahead, I guess…

I’m trying to get a Judgements’ Egg for the Irrepressible Cannoneer’s storyline, but all the means to get one, at least according to the wiki, are frustratingly unreasonable: I don’t have 10 secrets to spare (not that it’s anything short of ludicrous a price), the Iron Republic no longer has the necessary shop, zailing off the south end is madness and doing the 12 tomb-colonists quest is one RNG failure away from being a lost cause, for this purpose. Oh, and hoping for a 2% chance to get an egg from beachcombing in certain locations is far from acceptable.

Am I locked out of the Memento Mori as well as the Fulgent Impeller, thanks to falling short of the 50 Mirrors Frostfound requires?

Go back to the Iron Republic until you get the right shop open.

If you haven’t yet completed the spycraft stories in Adam’s Way, an Egg is one possible reward.

the tomb colonists are also alot easier if you come across an extra one from killing a zee beast. I know they can drop from morays and sharks. Otherwise iron republic is your best bet. they change stores everytime Something Awaits You, its a 1 in 3 or 1 in 4 rng

I’ve got one every time I’ve taken the tomb colonists. What’s the RNG which wrecks it?

I suppose I’ll try the Adam’s Way quest.

The Iron Republic days counter is past the point where it enables the House of Pleasures. Is there any way to dial it back or something?

EDIT: Noted that detail about the Republic, delta_angelfire. And Sporks, last time I tried the quest, I lost a single guy due to failing a Hearts check at Gaider’s Mourn, and could only protect them in Khan’s Glory because I happened to have enough Leopard influence at the time. The other ports were manageable, but I feel the game can give me the finger at any time.

Looks like it’ll be time-consuming no matter what. At least trying Adam’s Way means new content.
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Visit the expulsus when days > 15 and something awaits you to reset the days.

edit: I guess I’ve been super lucky with tomb colonists. Plus I tend to poke at most creatures I pass for unprepossessing masses, and always have a couple spare, so I never noticed the problem.

also, you can get secrets for less (77 fragments?) at Mangrove Colllege
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Extra bonus: digging in the game files for other sources:
5% chance of an egg when you get 48/49 unprepossessing mass. (yeah, I know)

More importantly, the avuncular broker’s task (last part) seems only to require a trip to adam’s way/port carnelian with a heap of foxfire candles, and you’ll get one at the end back in London (warn the target for the egg)

This is a bit grindy (by a bit I mean very), but:

I’ve gotten most of mine from Beachcombing at Mangrove College. I tend to grind SAY there anyway, in order to reduce terror and resupply, and it’s also a nice way to gain fragments and drowning pearls. The Judgment’s egg is only available on two SAY messages, so I check Beachcombing whenever those two show up (or one that might give a Shipwreck, 'cause fuel). Rest of the time it’s the hunger/terror option or supplies. Or sometimes combing for fragments, though these days pearls seem much more common for some reason.

Yes, that’s the 2% chance I hinted at earlier, Gregg. I suppose it’s somewhat higher than that, maybe 5% or so, since the game presumably rolls thrice to produce the three options of each beachcombing event. Anyway, I suppose it’s not an absolutely terrible idea, given how the searches can uncover other interesting stuff. I can technically kill monsters around the islands as I wait for the next SAY, I suppose, but I’m not sure what foes can be found in the immediate area.

And yes, I know Mangrove can provide a Secret for 77 fragments (and 7 Zee Stories or Memories of Distant Shores). But there’s no way I’m spending ten times that on a Judgements’ Egg.

We’ll see. I do have to tend to the story in Adam’s Way, too.

Nah, it’s only 2%. Three of the options are always present, the others are only there within certain SAY ranges.

Only when the log text for SAY is:
The air trembles. A breath of change passes…
Blue lightnings crawl leisurely up the funnel. “St Erasmus dancing!” the cry goes up.
(the second one will either be a shipwreck or an egg, so always check unless you don’t need anymore fuel)

Mangrove College has the advantage over Aestival in that it also has SAY options to reduce terror/hunger, or to resupply (assuming you didn’t put blemmigans ashore).

I think you also get one if you manage to sail off the western edge of the map by navigating around the Dawn Machine (I did, but it might not be 100% of the time). Note that it gives you +50 terror though so be careful!

Just to clarify something spoilered in the OP:

the option in Frostfound consumes a Judgements’ Egg, it doesn’t provide one.

Also yeah, RNG can screw you on the Last Tour - certain tour events at certain locations can kill off your Tomb-Colonists. Does depend somewhat on what you choose them to do (and thus in some cases, what you qualify for) but where exactly they want to go, and whether they’ll actually die in the dangerous events, is pretty much rng.
That said, I got a Judgements’ Egg on my very first tour, so.

My comment about Frostfound wasn’t about getting an Egg there, but rather that I’m locked out of there due to having less than 50 Mirrors. But well, more permanently for this captain, for the purposes of getting the Tireless Mechanic’s secret (and the item that leads to).

Anyway, I’ve managed to get a Colossal Fluke-Core, but I’m not sure the shops at the Iron Republic change as you guys said. I’m at the Cavalry Doctrine shop stage and it doesn’t seem to be variable: add to that that the wiki seems to be fairly explicit about shops changing depending on the Days counter.

And I get the feeling there’s a bug there: don’t you guys think the counter should reset whenever you leave the Republic? There’s similar “days spent in location” mechanics elsewhere, and they all represent the duration of your stay there at that time. And I just get the impression the devs meant it to work like that in the Iron Republic, to force you delve deep into the madness every time you want to access the later shops (not that they’re particularly enticing at this point).

The counter increases every time you gather a Port Report there, and randomly (1 in 5 chance?) when you unlock the shop for the current day (which requires SAY).

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Why can’t you level up your Mirrors to 50? Anyhow, yeah, the Days counter increases when you collect a Port Report - if you collect one every time, you’ll get different shops each visit.

Well, not actually each visit. The first few shops are there for 5 days each, iirc, barring a lucky (or unlucky, if you wanted that shop) result on unlocking them for that visit.
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Ah, wait, I finally got how the counter works. Some options add to it while others set it to a fixed value. That’s the twist, so it does cycle, in the end.

I’ll try to hunt down some Lorn-Flukes before the right shop turns up, so that I have several cores to cash in for Judgements’ Eggs.