Judgement egg has gone awol

Anyone else noticing this? Since the last update, none of the beach combing/explore shore choices on any of the islands seem to have the option to find the bloody thing - this over dozens of visits. This would seem to leave Irem as the only viable option, and that sucker is pricey there. Is this just a balancing issue that has teetered its totter to far, or is it just me? Alternatively, am I crazy? I have after all spent a lot of time at zee…

I did notice that the Judgement’s Eggs disappeared from the beach combing option (or became very rare at least). I’m sure that given how frequently I was getting them, they weren’t meant to show up that often.

Other places to get Judgement’s Eggs:

Completing the Last Tour questline from Venderbight with all 12 Tomb-Colonists in tow awards 1 Judgement’s Egg along with 1500 echoes.

The Wildweald Court at the Empire of Hands will trade a Ray-Drenched Cinder for a Judgement’s Egg. You can get 1 for the Uttershroom questline, or 3 for the Empire of Hands questline.

And of course, 10 secrets at Irem as you mentioned.

[spoiler] The best bet is probably to buy it with a fluke core in the house of pleasures at the iron republic - days 1-4, I think. You can also get one if you conclude the avuncular broker’s business in London mercifully without a token from the dapper chap.
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You can still get them, but the SAY range is really really tight now. gotta be at 99 or 100, which means you have a 2% chance of having the right SAY value whenever it refreshes, I guess

How do you check for SAY values? I can’t find it in the journal.

I don’t think you can. SAY 100 has an obvious tell, though; If you get a message about blue lightnings crawling up the funnel, you’ve got 100 exactly. If a breath of change passes, then SAY is anywhere between 90 and 99. Of course, it’s not really very easy to make use of that information unless you happen to be extremely near one of the islands where you can beachcomb already.
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Check your Log Book for the SAY message and compare it to the values on the wiki. As far as I know, these values don’t show up on your Journal, they’re only in the game code.

Alas, not all values are there, and some phrases are repeated, I think? Anyway, it’s nice to confirm that I wasn’t just unlucky with the eggs. I might go fluke hunting and just hoard them until I need the space.[li]

They’re ranges, not every value has its own text (so if there’s something mentioned for 20 and then nothing until 25, the text at 20 applies for 20-24). The wiki has most all of the quality level descriptions, although I think it’s missing maybe one.

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(ok I don’t know what that was. But I forgot that you used to be able to get an egg if you sail through adam’s way successfully.)
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Farewell Judgement Egg. You reduced the grind to merely irritating levels. You will not be forgotten.