Jillyfish and Unprepossessing masses [bug]

Anyone else having the problem where you get these from Jillyfish, but then it never goes to the next phase where you can unpack them? I can’t interact with it under curiosities, nor throw it overboard. If it’s me, I’ll put it down to a glitch. If others are getting it, I’ll report it.

I noticed that one of the beachcombing options gives you 1 point of unpreprocessing mass but doesn’t open it properly

I confirm that, apparently it sums up with the next unprepossessing mass you get.

I can write the Beachcombing behavior off as &quotoh, it’s just one point to tack onto the next time you open a real Mass&quot, but not being able to open it after killing a zee-beast seems definitely bugged. (Although being able to hold onto Mass in order to determine what you get might be interesting, from a game-player point of view, if not logical from a narrative point of view.)
edited by Fretling on 2/14/2015

Thank you! Reported.

I have seen this and if the next thing you kill takes your unprepossessing mass over 50 the only option is to dump it overboard :(

But most of the time I take the other option when I kill a jillyfish.