Jewel thief issues

Greetings all. So just recently I finally got around to the Honey Sipping Heiress and Jewel Thief storylines despite my Persuasive being at 84. I managed to finish my affair with the Honey Sipping Heiress with level 10 Conquest or something like that.

However, I can’t finish the affair with the Jewel Thief. Once I get to Seduction: Honey Sipping Jewel Thief 7 when he has the affair with the heiress, I don’t know what to do. I’ve tried all three options of reporting him to the constables, sabotaging their relationship, and giving up on him. All three either brings my level back to 2 or disappears completely but the Jewel Thief storyline just restarts to the very beginning where I have to get Fascinating. Is there any way to finish this?

Unlike the Heiress, the Jewel-Thief has no “permanently locked out” quality; even if the quality disappears completely, you can always start over again. That is, until your “Name Signed with a Flourish” quality is too high – I think the options to begin the seduction disappears after you have that quality at 3, so if you make the Jewel Thief quality disappear completely, and then get on with the Persuasive storyline, it’s safe to consider it “finished.”

…at least, until you run into him again in the Bazaar Side-Streets, much later.

Ah, I see. Thank you!