Jack-of-Smiles has expanded his interests....

I have played this sequence successfully 12 times, and it’s starting over again!I have played the last step using the with fate and without fate options. How many times do I have to kill this guy to persuade him to try a different persona?

You can do that storylet an infinite number of times. If a storylet doesn’t advance a unique quality, it can’t actually track how many times you’ve done it. Oh, and FYI, the hearts can be turned in for an extremely meager reward.

I like keeping mine around as a novelty item.

The continuation of the Jack of Smiles case is not found in that storylet. Even after the case is closed, you will still be able to play clay-man jack. The continuation can be found by becoming a member of the Velocipede Squad. It requires extremely high Watchful and Dangerous.