J. A. D. P. Part 6: Pitch For The Puppo Part II

I am ashamed to admit I honestly don’t know / remember a whole lot about any of the candidates. It’s been far too long since I’ve even heard their names- I’ve pretty much forgotten who they are completely!

For part 6 of Just A Dumb Post, remind me who these people are, your arguments for and against, and all that stuff.

Madame Shoshana, however she does it, can approximately tell the future. Thus, through her prodigious network or clairvoyance, she can feed dogs exactly when they’re hungry, and know what treats they want.

And more importantly, she may finally be able to answer who’s a good boy?

Mrs. Plenty runs the Carnival, a great place to meet people and let it all hang out. Lots of interesting smells there! And she wants to make the Carnival bigger and better if she wins!

Rubbery Man?

A good question. I recall discussions in the Forums about how nifty it would be if a Rubbery Man ran for Mayor; but to date none have done so.

In one sentence each:

Virginia: &quotExercise is very important to me - it’s therapeutic.&quot - (Michelle Obama)
Plenty: &quotTake a break&quot - (Elizabeth Schuyler, as depicted in the Broadway musical Hamilton)
Shoshana: &quotSomething amazing happens when we surrender and just love.&quot - (Marianne Williamson)