I've lost 'the hunt is on' choices

Hi, I really want to get rid of the overgoat but I need a higher ‘hunt is on’ quality.
Trouble is, I can’t see how to increase it. At Wolfstack Docks I can increase seeking and investigating but not ‘the hunt is on’.
I thought it might be something to do with what I’m wearing so I’ve played around with that but this might be a stab in the dark.
Any ideas appreciated. I’m nearing 100 on all levels now.

Huh, I still see &quotHunting Dangerous Prey&quot in Wolfstack Docks. Maybe you could try checking again? The storylet is definitely there for everyone possessing the &quotAcquiring Exhibits for the Labyrinth of Tigers&quot quality.

Also, I assume you’re not really trying to get rid of an actual Overgoat, but possibly a Goat Demon .

edited by dov on 4/21/2015

weird, it is back now! and yes you are right it is the Goat Demon that is bothering me! thank you