Items to access Mahogany Hall

Is the idea that you get them as rewards or just that you buy them at the Bazaar?

I’ve got the bats, the weasels, the scraps and the whispers. I also have a lizard and a rat that I previously bought with echoes. But where do I get more lizards, more rats, the ridiculous hats and the glove? (Other than buying at the bazaar?)

It’s easiest just to buy them. Most of the items require rare successes, and the ingame Talkative Rattus Faber source seems to be a one time only thing that I’ve never seen before.

Ah, thank you. Makes sense. That’s what I thought but it seemed to be vaguely against the spirit of “gathering” a menagerie

All the sources for any of them I’m aware of aren’t actually profitable, like, you’re better off grinding Unfinished BUsiness or something similar and selling the stuff you get and buying them from the bazaar, and even that’s only bats and weasels.