Italics in storylet results

Some of my storylet branch results are coming up in italics, while some of them are coming out as plain text.

I can’t figure out why this is happening. When I want to use italics, I have been using html nesting like < i > < /i > but even when I don’t use them I’m still getting italicised results about 50% of the time for some reason and I don’t seem to be doing anything.

Can anyone tell me why this could be happening?

I’m flying blind, so to speak, but my first suspicion would be that you’ve somewhere got an < i > without a matching < /i >. Or you might have tried to put in an < /i >, but accidentally written another < i > instead - which is very, very easy to do.

Next time you see it happening, I’d have a close look at everything you can see on the page and check for any < i >-related mistakes. (For instance, if you play a branch and the result comes out in italics, then check everything to do with the branch - the text at the head of the storylet, the branch description, and the result.)

If that doesn’t help, and you’re willing to give me access to your world then I’d be happy to take a look and see if I can figure out what’s going on.


Yes, it’s really easy to forget to close a tag, especially if you’re relatively new to HTML.

You were absolutely right! I forgot to close a tag in the root event, so all of the branches ended up italicised as well. Whoops!