It would be neat if you could hail neutral ships

I pass by so many neutral ships, and since I’m not inclined to piracy they’re basically just decoration to me. It would be pretty cool if you could honk your horn and talk with the other captain. You could do stuff like barter supplies, exchange stories, maybe pursue a new quest or two. Even just a bit of conversation would be interesting.

Can I convince them to sell me their teleporter?

Course not, that would increase Supremacy:Player to over 9000

You’re assuming the teleporter leads somewhere you’d want to be.

I want Seeking to return, I’m hoping it leads somewhere I don’t want to be.

Alternate explanation: the Thief of Faces is an officer on board those ships who increases Veils by HATE. Er. turns calculator right side up I mean 3104.
edited by TheThirdPolice on 1/25/2016

What’s also possible is that there’s no teleporter. They’re just all getting pulled under by sea monsters.

I’ve always liked the more personal storylets in both Fallen London and Sunless Sea. It might end up being procedural quests and recycled dialogue, but it’s just more excellent writing to go through, eh?