Issues with Slowcake's Amanuensis?

Hello everyone! I was wondering, has anyone else been experiencing certain requirement issues when drawing the &quotA visit from Slowcake’s Amanuensis&quot card? I currently have a Notability quality of 4 and whenever I try to increase it, it says that I need a making waves quality of 22. I’ve tried this before without any requirement problems before so is this a new thing or a possible problem?[li]

It’s a new requirement; haven’t figured out quite exactly what it’s based on, but it seems to increase based on Notability and decrease based on your combined BDR score.

Ah I see. A problem for me but one I shall overcome regardless! Thank you good sir!

Thank you, this was an eye opener: It’s been really confusing for me to see the required Making Waves change before I achieved another point of notability (e.g. notability at 2 right now; I needed 18 - I went to draw Amanuensis AND IT HAD CHANGED TO 19. The same happened before when I had Notability 3 and it inexplicably jumped from I think 21 to 23.)[li]
BUT now that I just equipped all my B/D/R items (overall score of 13), the required MW for drawing the Amanuensis has dropped to 15.

So from now on I’ll always use my highest possible BDR score before drawing the card and not after (like how it had still been recently - that you could try the challenge at a certain MW level but equipping BDR items made your chances go up.

I believe, off the top of my head, that the MW/N formula is the same as last time, except now it’s a fixed requirement instead of a challenge.

Required MW = 20 - (Bizarre + Dreaded + Respectable) + 4 x Current Norability

This formula is still accurate for me (I’m at 6N and 24 BDR, and the required MW is 20), and once you hit the requirement then just go to Matters of Society and Scandal at your Lodgings to summon the vestige of Slowcake and earn your Notability points.
edited by OPG on 1/14/2014

you guys may have inadvertently equipped or unequipped bdr items, or changed advanced items like transports. The formula OPG mentioned has held true for me so far.