ISO Taciturn Mynah et al

Good day to all. First, I’m looking for this intriguing bird. The description saying it can be found in Watchmaker’s Hill is insufficient. I’ve been grinding low-level actions here all day, and seem no closer to finding the mynah. Thank you for any information.

Further, I believe this fourm’s Search functionality isn’t working. Whatever I try to search comes back with no results.

Aha! It’s the connected pet for the Docks…

I believe you have to not have any other connected pet. Yoy can ditch them from their own card, I think Then look for the Clandestine Rendezvous card in Watchmaker’s Hill. Say a Docker sent you.

Oh crumbs. I thought I had to be Closest to the Docks, but that’s not the case. I’ve had my High Society Slug for so long, I didn’t notice you use that card to get rid of it. Gah. I really wish we could summon certain cards. Thanks.

some cards you can summon for 7 notability, but the list is kinda limited.