Isle of Cats storyline (spoiler?)

I went to the isle of cats… I got the pirate king’s notice up then took a patronage. I am now 'Friends of the King’s Claw&quot Isery which was the highest and I never through my time got the key to the cage gardens and was never able to buy red honey. I gave the red vial to the scholar, I did this a while ago and so I don’t remember exactly what I did. but did I do something wrong? is it a glitch?

Every option available even when I have something is waiting… nothing is available that would lead to me getting the key.

Did you decline a request in there?

After returning with the notes, Zaira asks (I’m assuming Isery is the same, since the next step is the same for both) you to donate someone to the Cage Gardens. If you refuse, the story ends there. If you provide someone, they both ask you to find a &quotgift&quot for the Pirate King. If you accepted this request, your journal should have something under Objective about &quotSeeking a Gift for the Pirate King&quot, though that admittedly doesn’t tell you what you’re supposed to be looking for.

The Pirate King likes memories of the Surface, so both Isery and Zaira ask you to, ahm, &quotretrieve&quot someone with such memories.

edited by Olorin on 2/16/2015