Is Wealth ambition too easy?

I have just completed de Wealth ambition and I didn’t even had to visit Elutheria. I found all I needed in The Reach and Albion. Is this suposed to happen? I built my house in New Winchester. Maybe is too easy? Or maybe I was lucky obtaining the rare items?

I feel that at least you should be forced to visit all the areas of the game. How is it posible that I &quotbeat&quot a game if 33% of its content remains unexplored still? (Elutheria). Maybe Wealth ambition was made like an &quoteasy&quot objective. I don’t know. I just wanted to share my thoughts :)

I found the same thing to be true for the Song of the Sky. It’s easily completable just after getting to Albion. Considering the ambition requires you to complete a certain amount of important deeds to write about, I feel like this could easily be somewhat extended or tweaked to at least require one from each region. That would turn it into a story that truly spans the whole game.
The same goes for Wealth. This one was added very early on so it requires items that were in the game back then. Extending this to require some of the rarer region specific items that are now available would also make the ambition feel more meaningful.
edited by Monara on 11/18/2018