Is there really a need to put an ad on the side panel?

Thank goodness for AdGuard. I can make it disappear like a magic show at Mahogany Hall.

Spoiler alert: If we’re interested in Mask of the Rose, we would have got it long ago.

Good thing for us there’s a way to block users on this forum as well.

Spoiler alert: It’s you.

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I honestly don’t think it’s that churlish of Failbetter to post an advert for another of their games. After all, it’s not like it’s an advert for an external thing, like having to look at a Tesco advert whilst playing. Besides, it just means there’s another bit of FL artwork on screen!


Yeah - I have no objection to having a li’l picture of Milton on-screen. I can just point at it and go ‘That’s Milton! I know him! He is such a charming rogue!’


There are multiple ways of blocking things on the web, but posting links is not something I agree with when there’s a big pool of options.

Especially I won’t add an extension a software built by a Russian company considering the current events.
EDIT: Ha, it’s not even an extension which sits in an isolated container, the browser!

Spoilers to you too: it was there for a very long time, but FBG changed it so it won’t be blocked by other extensions.


Personally, I preferred when it was Griz, so I could point to it and go “That’s the Efficient Comisisoner! I know her! She keeps me from destroying the world in pursuit of slightly more profit! And also has impeccable fashion sense!


It’s blocked in Russia (I wasn’t able to access the website without VPN, at least), so it might actually be safer than you think. This is not an excuse for an implicit promotion by OP, of course.

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This is kind of a weird thing to make a thread out of. I’m going to close this up now.