Is there only one save slot?

I started a new game to see if my account was up to date and it erased the progress from my old one, which wasn’t obvious to me beforehand. I would’ve been upset if I had been playing for more than a few hours.
edited by empirimancer on 2/7/2015

There is only one save slot for Unforgiving/Invictus/autosave mode. Unfortunately, you cannot start a Merciful mode game alongside your Unforgiving one at present; you have to start a new game – thereby overwriting your old one – and then switch to Merciful from there.

I agree that the rest should be better signposted, and it would be nice to be able to have more than one save slot for Unforgiving as well – completely different captains in completely different lineages.

Hmm. Well it would probably be a good idea to make that obvious to avoid possibly ruining someone’s day.