Is there any investment to be made?

I have a lot of liquid cash floating in my bank due to being a Notary. Is there any way of investing it? Like buying bulk items that you can later turn in for profit? I am planning to go hunting for Enigmas and Impossible Theorems in not too distant a future and would like to protect the liquid echoes… (and am a bit too far from the second goat just yet)

Items do not fluctuate in prices, but your best bet would be the Connection-raising items like the Tankard and some such since their resale value is much less of a loss compared to the others.

If you really want to optimize with money protection I am afraid you really have to go for the goat, or maybe buying all the equipments.

Oh I know items don’t fluctuate in price. I was thinking something along the lines of: buy all the wine in the world and then spend a lot of time slowly converting it into airags, tears and MB, which you then sell for profit. I know that specific example is not profitable but was just using to explain the idea. Basically: liquidity + time = profit

I think there are several things like that, but the profit is usually pretty low, so you’d be better off doing some other grind.

None of the profitable grinds involve buying items from the bazaar, unfortunately. The closest thing to an investment I’ve found is in buying items that unlock new opportunities for profit (such as the Over/Ubergoat or access to the Cave of the Nadir.) I do hope they add more!

Yeah, I ended up buying equipment - like, best for BDR, best for Persuasive, Watchful, etc. My Persuasive was pretty good at the time, but with the extra spending cash I could push it that bit further. (I’m not sure how well equipped you already are though, so this might not be meaningful to you.)

The only real investment grind I know of is buying eyeless cave fish at Hallowmas and selling them at De Gustibus for Magnificent Diamonds, but that’s pretty impractical and currently impossible. The only other suggestion I have is playing chess and using second chances to avoid as much loss as you can.

Cider actually gives you high EPA cards, making it profitable in the very^x long term.

High EPA being high frequency and giving an Extraordinary Implication and Wounds reduction but Nightmares increases.