Is there a way yet to message users in the game?

I think that a living story can somwhat do it, but I’m not certain this is what I want. I’d like to send a “Thanks for being patient” message and gift to people who’ve created a character in my world but haven’t yet gotten in due to the lock on the first storylet. Could I just somehow make a living story that affects everyone with “A Stranger” and give them all an “Extreme Patience” quality or something like that?

I believe you could do that with a Must card, but they’d still need to visit your world to see it. I don’t know if there’s a way to send messages, sorry.

That won’t work - they’d need to complete the prologue storylet to get the Must card to pull…I think the deck has to shuffle for them to get an in-game card. Right now non-playtesters see the prologue storylet and then the only branch is locked.