Is there a way to see what slots ships have?

I’m saving thousands of Echoes, and I think I will soon buy a new ship. Is there a way to see what slots are available on each model? I’m referring to Forward, Aft, Deck, Bridge etc. .

I haven’t looked at the smaller ships, but the frigate and dread have the same number of slots, the merchant cruiser has only a forward gun.

What about that classy yacht you get by completing the Curator storyline at Venderbight?

Great overall stats, but sports only a single Deck gun I’m afraid. Makes battles somewhat time-consuming.

Meh :(

So the only ships with Forward and Aft guns are the big ones?

I’m curious as to whether this information is visible in-game, and if not, why?

Alas, it isn’t! Hopefully in some future update, the Shipyard tab is upgraded along these lines. But, long story short: All ships have Deck, Auxiliary, Bridge and Engines. The Corvette also has Forward, the Cruiser also has Aft, and the Frigate and Dreadnaught have everything. I’ve made a Sunless Sea Ship Stats & Slots Spreadsheet for easy reference.

Useful Chart, Nice Work

Thanks! This would be great in the wiki as well – whenever I run into a lacuna or inaccuracy in its information, I keep wanting to edit it, but for some reason I never do. Hopefully I will (pep?) talk myself around soon :)

Useful but I think the Hull section might need a bit of work - I have a Frigate and the Hull strength is 450 not 150. I don’t remember the stats for the other ships though.