Is there a way to "charge" qualities for dealing?

I’m trying to set up a small gambling-type section in my game. I would like the player to have to pay coins to draw a hand of cards from a special deck in this situation. I’m thinking I have to only make the deck show up if they pay the coin and set a “credits: 1” type quality. I"m trying to figure out though how to make the “credit” quality go away after the cards appear. I figure I can make every card in that deck shut off the credit quality…but can anyone think of a more elegant solution?

I’m trying to think of ways players could exploit this. If their draw is empty they get three cards. If they draw from another deck and they only have 2 spaces, they have two cards. I guess it doesn’t matter if they play another card to clear a space and get the third one while the credit quality is still active…the most cards they’re going to get is 3 and then they’d have to play one to remove the credit. Does that seem logical?

You could experiment with using a Must card, perhaps. (I’m not sure exactly how Must cards work in the Sometimes deck, but Maelstrom uses them, so they definitely do work somehow.)

But your solution sounds fine to me. As you say, the most you can get out of that arrangement is three cards. If you play sub-optimally then you might end up with fewer cards, but hey, that seems entirely compatible with the idea of a gambling game ;-)


Okay…that’s what I was thinking but I couldn’t for the life of me work it out in my head if it was right!