Is there a preferred naming convention? (spoiler)

My sympathy goes out to our poor wiki editors, who may need a new convention for referring to dated events occurring henceforth. Having already seen 1899-X in the wild, which, with respects to the originator, made me cringe as it invites us to numerically march backwards in time, what shall it be? Any other better notations?

edited by Shaerys on 12/31/2021

Reminds me of PTerry’s counting for trolls…

My preferred nomenclature, inspired by a particular manifestation of Y2K I saw on some minor website one time, would be 1898, 1899, 18100, 18101…

Failing that, I’m a fan of symmetry and mirrors. 1898, 1899, 1899, 1898…

Like Monarchs, or Stations, surely: 1899; 1899-II; 1899-III; 1899-IV; etc.

stop naming the year at all abandon the tyranny of Time altogether. when the Liberation comes there’ll be no more need to count the days.

Why, I do firmly believe there should be two preferred naming conventions:

  • Convention the first (in character): 1899, 1899, 1899, […]
  • Convention the second (meta, wiki, forum) 1899 (2021), 1899 (2022), […]

Just please let the meta-convention match the real world year - unlike exceptional stories where we have this ongoing situation:

  • Official announcement: Exceptional Story for [Month following]: [title], eg. here
  • Forum thread: Exceptional Story for [Month following]: [title], eg. here
  • Fate page: [title] [Month released], see &quotPurchase Stories&quot on fate tab

I like this one!

This appeals to me - and seems more era-appropriate.

If we’re going to go with a Royal-ish naming scheme, might as well go all the way: 62 TE, the 62nd year of the reign of the Traitor Empress.

Oh yes! That’s how England operated from the earliest days, regnal years. The convention was, e.g.1st January 2 Richard I, which would have been the 1st of January in the second year of Richard the First (i.e. 1190).

How spiffingly traditional!

I know my character will certainly be keeping the true year on a hidden calendar somewhere in defiance of this nonsense. I have no idea what makes for the easiest to remember convention for the wiki though.