Is there a listing of Sunless Sea storylet quests?

Hello there delicious friends !

I want to run a tabletop rpg game in the Sunless Sea setting with my friends, and for that I’d like to :
A) know the maximum of information about each island/character/etc
B) know the steps of each storylet quests

For that purpose, I can play the game and write down everything I find useful (I’m doing so), and I can also make use of the wikis/blogs (I’m also doing so). But the first method takes a looot of time and the second method, albeit useful, is somewhat too superficial (secrets are kept secrets, which is nice but doesn’t help me).

Do any of you, dear denizens of the Neath (and/or High Wilderness), have such informations, or know where to find them (if they exist) ?

You could try the Fifth City wiki, which has lore information on all three Failbetter games, but the SSea lore may be mixed into the rest of the lore.
edited by Optimatum on 10/24/2018

I’m already reading and writing down what I found on the Fifth City wiki, which I discovered only recently. Thank you for the answers. :)

I guess that it’s a “no” and nobody know where to find such informations except for the places I mentioned ? ^^’

Has anybody mentioned the Sunless Sea Wiki? That had a very comprehensive list of stories on the various islands. I found lots of things I hadn’t even realised existed.

Definitely the wiki.