Is there a guide for the completionist collector?

I am trying to collect every item and quality in the game. Except things that are mutually exclusive of course, like the spirifer’s fork and shepherd’s timepiece.

Is there a guide for how to go about this? My main fear is missing out on items by making the wrong choice in non-repeatable stories, or getting locked out of areas/stories without getting everything.

I originally wanted to do this too, but there is just SO much stuff you get locked out of because it’s mutually exclusive with other stuff, that it just didn’t really seem worthwhile. It’s hard to feel like a completionist when you know you’ll always be missing a big chunk of stuff.

The existence of mutually exclusive companions still irks me…I want to catch 'em all, darn it! :P

I don’t mind having to choose between different things. What frustrates me is missing out on something if there’s no reason I couldn’t have it, had I chosen wiser.

(warning, unreliable memory.) like that obscure gun with only two sources, one of which locks you out of a disgraced bandit cheif, the other is just time consuming until you get locked out of that loop?
edited by Grenem on 7/4/2016