Is there a guide for: Affair of the Box Carousel?

I found a raw listing, but for some reason it just makes my head spin.

I’m currently &quotconcience of the empire 1&quot and 1 point of turncoat (from an option on a card or a plot elsewhere that I didn’t realize would count as a betrayal) … I’d like to get my turncoat to 0, and I don’t really care what side I’m on as long as the returns are good (I think?)
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To eliminate Turncoat you need to get it up higher, but Turncoat of 1 isn’t going to hinder you in any way. The best returns are on the Conscience of the Empire side. Intercept messages when Boxful of Intrigue is at 7-9, and then tip off Criminals from 10-12.

Quick guide:

Grinding and cashing in Boxfuls of Intrigue takes 14 actions. The first 13 require successful Shadowy checks that become 100% straightforward at 217 Shadowy. The last one completes the carousel and gives rewards.

The following storylets are available in Spite and each give 1 Boxful of Intrigue on success. Red choices make you &quotThe Conscience of Empire&quot while blue choices make you &quotA Guardian of the Realm.&quot Switching will give you a point of Turncoat, a special menace that locks these choices when you’ve accumulated 4 points. Staying consistent for multiple actions will raise the &quotEmpire’s Kingmaker&quot quality, which unlocks the most valuable cash-in reward when it’s high enough.

0-3 Boxfuls of Intrigue (first 4 actions)

[ul][li]An Agent of the Masters

  • [color=lightcoral]Expose him to the newspapers[/color][/li][li][color=cornflowerblue]Help cover up the sordid business[/color]

[/li][li]The Unionist

[ul][li][color=lightcoral]Help her escape[/color][/li][li][color=cornflowerblue]Join the hunt[/color][/li][/ul][/li][/ul]4-6 Boxfuls of Intrigue (3 actions)

[ul][li]The Course of Love

  • [color=rgb(240, 128, 128)]Keep its agents at bay[/color][/li][li][color=rgb(100, 149, 237)]Help keep them together[/color]

[/li][li]Doing the Rounds
[/li][ul][li][color=rgb(240, 128, 128)]Lie to them[/color][/li][li][color=rgb(100, 149, 237)]Tell them the truth[/color][/li][/ul][/ul]7-9 Boxfuls of Intrigue (3 actions)

[ul][li]Encryption of a Sort

  • [color=rgb(240, 128, 128)]Intercept the messages[/color] (Rewards 2 Correspondence Plaques on success or failure)[/li][li][color=rgb(100, 149, 237)]See that the messages arrive safely[/color]

[/li][li]A Night of Desperate Ambushes
[/li][ul][li][color=rgb(240, 128, 128)]Defend Spite from the neddy men[/color][/li][li][color=rgb(100, 149, 237)]Wade in with the neddy men[/color][/li][/ul][/ul]10-12 Boxfuls of Intrigue (last 3 actions before cash-in)

[ul][li]A Strong Box

  • [color=rgb(240, 128, 128)]Tell your larcenous colleagues when the strong-box will be moved[/color][/li][li][color=rgb(100, 149, 237)]Tell the gentlemen in blue about any plans for robbery you hear about[/color]

[/li][li]A Salon of a Sort

[ul][li]Steer the conversation to Mr. Stones[/li][li]Steer the conversation to Mr. Fires[/li][/ul][/li][/ul]When you finish this carousel of 13 successful actions, you can take a 14th action to get rewards: 17.5 echoes of Strangling Willow Absinthe, Compromising Documents, or Stolen Kisses. Alternately, if your Empire’s Kingmaker is 40 or higher, you have the option of taking 20 echoes of Mourning Candles instead.

For maximum profit, you do only the red choices above, staying as The Conscience of Empire so that you can get the Correspondence Plaques for the third section of the carousel; when you get to Empire’s Kingmaker 40, you take the Mourning Candles since they’re worth more.

Note however that this carousel is also the fastest way to grind the other rewards, which can in turn be converted into other tier 3 items or into rare and expensive wines via the Portly Sommelier, etc etc.

As noted, you can’t eliminate Turncoat until it reaches 4, but it has no effect until then either. At Turncoat 4, you can eliminate Turncoat completely by paying 100 CP of Revolutionaries connection or 1 CP of Masters connection. You can also gain Boxfuls of Intrigue whether or not you’re a Turncoat by using branches on the connection-conflict cards – but there’s not much reason to do that other than to read the story-snippets involved.

I was going to grind shadowy from the sell to criminals option in the flit, but … turns out that caps at 50 connected…

This will give me a nice return, and a good grind, assuming that I remember that it’s top, bottom, top, top…

Oh, and thank you for the help…

It looks like I’m not actually going to get the reward from the loop itself any time soon, 13 actions, and then progress the story…

I’m at 15, why do I feel it’s going to be like, 50 or something before it’s done?

A few of the story progress options only require 1 or 3 boxes of intrigues. Be sure to check the wiki (or check the requirements on the storylets) if you want to progress efficiently.

[quote=Ben ]Oh, and thank you for the help…

It looks like I’m not actually going to get the reward from the loop itself any time soon, 13 actions, and then progress the story…

I’m at 15, why do I feel it’s going to be like, 50 or something before it’s done?[/quote]


It can go up to 50, but it doesn’t have to, depending on your choices. The main grind ends at [color=000033]21[/color], so be excited!

Oh, is it a purchase after that?

There isn’t anything Fate-locked in this storyline, no.
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I think ‘doing the rounds’ is the only one that has them backwards?
I do unionist, love, encryption, box - and it’s top, top, top, top.

Looks like I must stand for love ending in the proper turn…

shrugs I can handle that.

Okay, I just did a number of rounds through the regular path to get my kingmaker high enough for morning candles because #17 requires them…

back to the grind. (at least I’m getting shadowy from this)

Have to wonder what the criminal connection is going to be replaced with once it changes to rep.

Even with it being one of the more valuable connections, +1 CP of Criminals is barely worth mentioning, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was just quietly dropped in the change.

I hope it’s replaced with something trivial but nice. (It’s less that it’s only +1 crim, it’s that it’s +1 crim at limit 10)


Now I’m at the big choice.

Will any of the options lock me out of latter content (skin, enigma, love)

No, none of the options lock you out of anything.

nods note on “fist” says it might come in useful…

I suspect my character, while he cares about the truth, does not care about others actually getting the information. As much as I personally would enjoy publishing the news paper… it’s … not going to happen.