Is the regretful soldier carousel worth keeping?

The regretful soldier’s story in the house of chimes is endlessly repeatable, and gives a few nice items, second chances, and a quirk adjustment each time you play through the story and don’t assist him. I assume helping him as a shepherd or spirifer removes this carousel? Is this carousel actually any good, or am I overestimating its value? Does helping him open up anything new?

I would like to help him eventually (I’m a shepherd) but I might hold onto the carouse for a little while if its useful. Also, I wouldn’t mind building up my campaign medal collection.

Helping him as a shepherd does end the carousel, I believe it also unlocks an opportunity card that locks again as soon as you succeed at any of its options, I don’t think it gives a lot of material rewards, just some neat lore.

I haven’t done that one in ages (I played through it before I played Flint - which is one of the reasons I chose to take him with me there & then face everything myself rather than putting him in the line of fire), so I’m rather rusty when it comes to the details, but I do know that the Regretful Soldier doesn’t appear to have any carousel for me at the House of Chimes anymore - so I believe it’s safe to say that helping him as a Spirifer ends the carousel too. :-)

With this sort of thing, it’s also worth considering - how useful is that carousel to you? Because it’s in the House of Chimes, I can’t look up the details on the wiki to give my opinion of the rewards - and ideally it’s value to you needs to be compared with other actions you can do.
But if you’re done with re-reading that story, and it’s not better than your alternatives, and it doesn’t provide anything you can’t easily obtain elsewhere, then certainly consider playing it through. :-)

PS:- To others considering this: If you need that story to have a ‘happily ever after’, perhaps consider helping the Regretful Soldier as a Shepherd rather than as a Spirifer. (I’ve done the latter of those, but I won’t post spoilers.)