Is sunless sea abandoned now?

It seems that FBG are moving onto sunless skies, which seems to be a sequel to usnless sea
This came has a lot of bugs, balance problems and missing content yet, plus a lot of places largely unexplored (The elder continent!)

Sunless skies is ostensibly in the same universe, but that seems to be largely a formality, it’s pretty seperate and being the tiny team that they are, work on it will likely mean abandoning this game yes?

Will there ever be more expansions or content for sunless sea?

Pretty sure no expansion planned, but I think that now and then, a little bit of content will be added, but probably less than the game deserve.

I wouldn’t say abandoned, but as far as I’m aware all planned content has been completed and the story, at least, is in a finished state. Zubmariner was always (since the close of the Kickstarter) the only planned expansion, and with its release the only thing that remains to be released is the old Kickstarter-exclusive content such as the Pirate Poet. As for bugs, if there are any still knocking about then obviously I hope they are fixed soon, but I would say that Sunless Sea is “finished”, rather than “abandoned”.

Well, I would say “stable”, it doesn’t seem finished, there are still unfineshed content and mechanics.

In any case, there has been no official word from FBG to say &quotWe are now stopping support and updates for Sunless Sea&quot, so nothing has been abandoned.

Are there many bugs in Sunless Sea? The last one I encountered was the one involving the Governor of Wisdom and that was fixed, wasn’t it?

Well, most of the Elder Continent is away from the coast, so it doesn’t really fit into a boat-based game!

Well, most of the Elder Continent is away from the coast, so it doesn’t really fit into a boat-based game![/quote]
Based on what we see and hear, the place could easily support its own game.

New stories available!
Well, I updated my game version.

Basically, it hasn’t been abandoned yet!

theres certainly no shortage of interesting pre-existing locations that would be fertile ground for new text content that could be slotted in with minimal fuss

on a more complex note, creatures and events that continue to threaten even high-end player ships would also be a plus. after a certain point the player is the deadliest thing in the water and that detracts significantly from the intended tension and horror atmosphere. perhaps shipwrecks or the blood puddles left by killed monsters could have some small chance of attracting something very big and hungry, or a swarm of smaller somethings, or etc
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