Is soup efficient in the early game?

I am still not a PosI yet, but decided that hmm, maybe I’ll grind to get the lodgings over the bazarre. To that end… soup.

I’m getting 57 whispered hints per action, which I THIIIIIINK is pretty efficient for this point in the game, but I’m unsure.

Am I being unhinged or is this dumb but viable?

I’m sorry to break it to you, but that would take you over slightly two weeks of uninterrupted soup drinking, (assuming eight hours of real-world sleep), and the soup selection only lasts for one week before rotating, on a four week schedule. I once had a similar idea to you (I used the Spider Symposium in the Singing Mandrake, which give collated research that you can buy Bazaar Lodgings with at the Temple Club) and it was absolutely terrible. I nearly decided to stop playing entirely! Good lodgings are not worth having no enjoyment out of the game besides number go up for two weeks. I would wait until you are a POSI, then you get much better and faster options for all of the fancy lodgings. So, to answer your original question, it is technically viable, you just need to wait three weeks after this one and you will not have a good time.

I did the math and with what I already have it’d take me 8.6 days, and I figure if I grind until it switches the ~1,240 whispered hints are a negligible amount compared to 80,000.
If it helps I also can’t spend much time playing rn, so it’d just be checking in, as I’m in the middle of a cross country move.
I guess my question is, barring actually playing storylines for about a week, this would be a good use of my actions, or if there’s another thing I should perhaps focus on grinding. I didn’t convey that super well though hahaha!

Well, if you get 54 hints, you should have stats in about the 50’s? There aren’t many good options for grinds that early, so Mrs Chapman’s should be a good option if all you want is an action sink.

Yeah, I’m getting 57 per action, my highest stat is at 80 with equipment.

If this isn’t just a horrible waste of actions I’m good either it then, thanks!!

I think much better way at this point is to spend actions on raising stats and progression. And don’t stop until you are around 150+ in main stats (without items).

0.57 EpA is nothing compared even to mid-game grinds (which are 2.5+ EpA).


I really like the narrative part of the game and enjoy the default difficulty scaling. Being able to just breeze through the stories in the midgame doesn’t seem very fun to me, especially when I still have a HUGE chunk of pre POSI storylines to finish.

I do appreciate the advice, but I’m asking about action sinks for grinding, not stats. I also think most of the best stat grinding for my lowest skills are story based atm, and require more reading than just clicking. (Like pickpocket’s promenade for shadowy.)

If nothing is changed, most effective stat grinds are social actions, there is nothing to read (after first time), it’s mindless clicking.

I would not call 0.57 EpA “a grind”. “Self-torture” is more fitting name.

It’s not particularly efficient, but sure, if you’re ok with that nothing wrong with being inefficient.

Generally in the early game, a benchmark is you should get 1 pence per action per stat point, so at stats at around ~80 you should be able to find 0.8EPA actions, but if there isn’t one that gives you the item you want, sure, 0.57EPA it is. Especially if it also gives you stat points so it advances your stats - I don’t remember if that action does. Really for “efficiency” the best thing to do in the early game is to advance to the late game XD but if you keep playing you’ll get there eventually, no particular need to rush it now if you’re ok with doing some lower-level.

Mid-game that correlation breaks down, at stats above 100 POSI stuff can give pretty varying rewards and you should be able to find stuff at the 2-2.5 EPA range depending on what you do. Late-game there’s easy-to-find stuff at 3-4 EPA or so, and once you’ve completed basically everything the super-optimized final grinds are like 6 EPA.


INCREDIBLY helpful breakdown of the game’s action economy, thank you!!!

Ok actually ngl every time today I’ve gone and dumped 10, 15 actions into soup I’ve smiled way too much and mumbled “number go up”, thanks for this one hahah!!!

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