Is it worth continuing with the Cheesemonger?

So I’m currently at Agent of the Cheesemonger 5 and holding steady. I’ll always sell out the Under-Secretary, but always tip off the dockers. What I want to know is: are the benefits from continuing with this story as good as a steady stream of Dock favours? Each favour is effectively worth 10 Echoes to me, because I always use them for Expedition Supplies, so it’s a massive revenue stream at the moment.

Good enough writing would be a decent reward for me if the mechanical stuff isn’t that good, but I’d like to know vaguely what to expect.

Trouble is, she never goes away. And farther down the line, one needs a Great Game outcome from this story. Others may know if it can be achieved in any other way. (I found some of the decisions that had to be made quite tricky, myself.)

The Cheesemonger story is IMHO one of the best in the game. I loved it the way I loved Hunter’s Keep and The Waltz That Moved the World. If, on the other hand, you don’t much care for it: keep on, keeping on. Other then to read/shape the end, the only (mechanical) reason would be to thin your deck. If you get something out of those cards, then removing them would be counterproductive.

Unless you find yourself needing A Fine Piece in the Game or if you’ve finished every other story, then take as long as you need.