Is it possible to discard unuseful equipment

My character has a LOT of not useful equipment. For example, this might be a weapon that provides +2 to shadowy while I have another weapon that provides +9 to shadowy. All of this not useful equipment is just cluttering up my inventory making it harder for me to find and change to the useful gear when needed. Is there a way to sell or even just discard this not useful equipment? Thanks.

Look though the list you get when you go to the Bazaar and select “Sell My Things”. If the item you’re seeking to get rid of appears there, you can sell it to the Bazaar for the stated price. A few items, like Eyeless Skulls and Ray-Drenched Cinders, can be sold through a storylet you access through your inventory, but usually if it doesn’t show up in the “Sell My Things” list you can’t get rid of it.

Other than those purchasable at the Bazaar, very few equipment items can be sold or otherwise removed. Personally I enjoy collecting as many as possible, but it absolutely interferes with changing outfits — right now I have 99 weapons alone!

IMO the best available approach is heavy use of outfit slots and the search filters. With six free outfit slots, you can keep one outfit optimized for each main stat plus two outfits customized for something you do regularly. For example, my money grind involves Brawling with Dockers so I have a Red Science/Respectable outfit for guaranteed successes. Then when you encounter a challenge your outfits don’t address, use the stat filter to switch equipment more easily. It displays matching equipment for each slot from highest to lowest stat bonus, so your example +9 Shadowy item will move right to the front!

And be aware that sometimes equipment that is not your personal best in class can bcomee a prerequisite in some stories or cards for certain choices. And you can never be sure what FBG promotes next.

Having at least one of everything is useful, as far as I can tell. Apparently useless pets give good cards and can be used in Parabola to gain favours. A cheap knife helps with an accidental prison visit. And you’d think that intricate kifers would be better in a burglary than plain kifers, but no, the card is specific.