Is completing University worthwhile?

The Investigating… carousel is a great way to grind both echoes (1.78 Epa) and 3-tier items due to the bifurcation to ToTs and JoIs; completing the University storyline would lock me out of that, I suppose, and while I’m a spirifer, I’m afraid of the hit my finances will take on the long run: I’ve found very different calculations of the spirifage carousel’s worth, concluding with an epa between 1.44 and 1.72.
I won’t consider completionism and the loss of unrelated University options (my character has Ruthless and Heartless 9 and has no qualms dooming an innocent to get what she wants) in this specific matter.

I’d like to have some views other than mine to reach an educated decision. A rubbery lump for your thoughts?

My records of spirifage put it at 1.719 epa without taking into account the occasional points of suspicion or the Hell connection gain you could cash in. Might be best to leave the latter out of the equation anyway; the Favour/Renown system will probably ditch that particular factor.

Regarding the University itself…well, beyond the University content you have potential access to Flute Street (25 Fate) and definite access to Voyages of Scientific Discovery. The former is nice for Rubbery lore, and if you have the Fate-locked expansion to Theological Husbandry you can eventually breed the Bifurcated Owl. The Voyage of Scientific Discovery can be fun, though it’s definitely not nearly as profitable as the University/Flit trick. There’s no definitely harm in holding off on finishing the University until you have a good reason to do so.

No harm in waiting until you’ve finished everything else. Once you’ve done that though, I’d favor playing through it (and the content after it) rather than sitting around grinding echoes for goats.

It does let you do research on a few islands that get you various notes, items and interesting tidbits. Also one way to get some collated research

Also if you are interested in getting a certain strange animal you should finish it when you are ready.