Is "Closest to: University" achievable?

I would love to get closest to University.
I tried searching on wiki and via google and nothing came up, so here I am asking.
If it is possible via some Fate locked story,
please, point me into the story, so I can buy it and be happy.
I do not want to randomly buy stories I might not enjoy.

It isn’t. Sorry.

You can buy a University Endowment though, and get your connections very high that way.

As far as I know Closest to: University is currently unattainable. Not sure when or if that shall change.

The Endowment cuts one of the university connections and gives 1 cp to the other. It’s unlimited, but not really the best. But it does give a bigger boost up to connected 20.
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Oh well, next candidate for my seeker of knowledge was Great game, so until University becomes possible I shall do some spying. There is knowledge in there too, just of a differeng sort.

Thanks for clarifying. You were very helpful.

Closest to university was mostly added so that all factions were listed, but yes, it’s unimplemented. On the subject of connections, the next best thing…

The best way to boost connections is a certain action which is +5 cp for both university factions, and 40 cryptic clues. it’s not great, but it’s not capped at 20, so it’s your best bet.

[if they convert the university, i’d predict it’ll be last- because it’ll need a lot of new content then.]
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