Is being close to the Tomb - Colonists worth it?

It has been a long time since I declared my allegiance to them, yet until now, I still haven’t find any use for them. I’ve been thinking to switch my allegiance to the zailors or the constables, but not before making sure that I wouldn’t miss anything important.

Being closest to is used for building counting the days. You’re not missing anything unique if you switch.

You can put off the switch until you are completely finished unlocking the Cave of Nadir, since you might choose to sell a specific thing but it will change your closest to to the buyer’s alignment.

Closest to unlocks basically nothing, so it doesn’t matter who you choose- it really won’t be that beneficial.

The only noteworthy choices for Closest to are Great Game and Bohemians, which allow grinding Counting the Days without needing cards at all. This isn’t particularly relevant once you’ve gotten both the Iron Republic Safe-Conduct and Consonant Violin.

Do marks of credit have any purpose beyond those? I have 11 so far that I’ve been collecting just because.

You can turn them in for an assortment of Connections and Favours depending on your current Closest to, but that’s it as far as I’m aware.

They might be quite valuable once everything goes over to favors. There are several turnins for connected points, and so far all favor factions get a favor from them. Ultimately we’ll be getting 4 favors for a turnin.

Which is still terrible in terms of epa, but if you get there as a side benefit it’s not bad.