Is anyone else lagging in-game?

Title. I just played for the first time since the update, and the game - which ran smooth as a stick of butter until now - was appreciably-choppy even when I lowered the quality. Wondering if the most recent update broke anything?
edited by Daedalus_Falk on 7/15/2018

Had the same experience when I recently wanted to play a little SSea, after not touching it for a year. Chugging was absolutely unbearable. Thought it was something on my end, but maybe…

Yeah, I think a lot of people are having performance issues as of late. When I run the game everything seems fine, but the longer I play, the laggier it becomes, as if there is a memory leak or something. Rerunning the game fixes it, but it’s a tiresome and annoying thing to do.

If your CPU has multiple cores set the game to use only 2 , this worked for me.