Is anybody else have images not loading?

I want to ask before i write a bug report on the email, but i just wanted to be sure i dind´t missed anything.

So, no images are loading, i can only click on oportunity cards on their icons now, i tried to clean my broswer and use firefox and explorer to no use.
Is this happening to someone else or i missed something?

All images loading just fine for me on Firefox!

They sometimes load very, very slowly for me.

No problems at all on firefox or chrome. What if you try on another device (smartphone/tablet/etc), or try something else on storynexus on your computer?

Even with my android phone on the chorne i have the same problem.

I think i will try to reset my router in a few hours, i should have done that sooner, maybe it will work

Edit: it worked! sorry people, i should have thought on turning off and on my router here, thanks for helping.
edited by LuizPSC on 8/20/2016