Is a linux native release planned?

Saw the ad for this on GOG today. I’d instabuy it on an interesting premise but I don’t really want to mess around with wine trying to create comparability. Given you already have cross platform support are there any plans to release a .deb package for this (or any other linux support).

According to today’s AMA, &quotWe have an experimental, unsupported Linux build available to anyone who emails with proof of purchase. Whether we support it in future is down to how well the Windows version does.&quot

Well, that’s quite fair. I suppose a GOG confirmation email would do, or would they want it from a specific vendor.

I can’t imagine that buying through GOG would be any problem in that regard - you can always email first and make sure, but GOG’s as valid a vendor of Sunless Sea as Steam or Humble Bundle!

[color=#C2B280]A purchase email from any vendor is fine. Do bear in mind that the Linux version is unofficial, though – it might still require significant troubleshooting.[/color]

Yeah, I understand that Flyte, but it would still probably be less headache than running wine, and if they’re successfull they’ll support it. If anything more linux users would increase the likelyhood of support in the future too.

i wanted to send you an email, but google mail groups doesn’t accept emails from my domain for some weird reason. any other solution? maybe pm?

Who are you trying to mail? If it’s re: the linux build, try:

Who are you trying to mail? If it’s re: the linux build, try:[/quote]
that’s the address i tried. the email is just blocked…

I’ll note that it works fine from Gmail. What are you sending to them from?

not using gmail and it’s somehow self evident that a google groups mailing list accepts email from its own servers. i just need a different way of delivering that proof of purchase.