Iron Skill and Damage

[li]Does anyone know exactly how Iron affects direct damage?

IIRC it’s +1 to min/max dmg per 6 Iron, or something around there.

Pretty sure it’s just a linear scale, with the bonus being your iron divided by 6. (Well, going by the data files coefficients, times 0.16, which is a bit different than divided by 6, but close.)

I’m not quite sure how the weapons damage range is calculated though. I assume the weapons damage + Iron bonus is multiplied by a random number, but I’m not quite sure what it is. It may be 5/6ths to 7/6ths?

Anyway, the weapon equiped and iron bonus are independant of each other, meaning better guns, while always useful, become proportionally less so the better your stats are.

(Unless they’re Icarus in Black, in which case your iron barely matters.)

Also a secondary concern is because Iron doesn’t effect crew damage, flensing attacks will become too powerful to take ships intact pretty quickly regardless of how much hull damage the weapon does.
edited by WormApotheote on 3/4/2015