Iron Republic shops buggy?

I’m having an issue with the shops not showing up in the Shops tab even though I do the interaction in the Story tab and get the &quotThe ______is open for business&quot message.

It’s a known issue, the same thing has happened for me. Thus far, the only thing I get is the Fuel Merchant. On one hand, yesssss, cheap Fuel. On the other, I want in those shops, darn it!

But I suppose it’s fitting that the Iron Republic refuses to follow the rules programmed into it.

[li]due for a fix any day now, but in the meantime, just save, close out of Sunless, then reopen. go back and the special shops will appear. same deal as the Khanate.

…although even the fix doesn’t always work for me - as Fall Acious said, the Iron Republic has no time for rules…