I’ve been travelling the zea now for quite some time and I’m on my second tomb colonist run. The problem is, they want to visit Irem and I don’t know where it is, even though I’ve uncovered the whole map. Any ideas?

It should be the absolute top rightmost tile, right up in the corner. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it move.

I’ve just been there - it’s also in the upper right for me, but it’s in an area that looks unfinished, with no titles or images apart from a black outline. Indeed, a message comes up that the area (the Pillared Sea) hasn’t been built yet. Ignore this. You may wish to take some Darkdrop Coffee with you, and things are particularly interesting if you have a certain leftover from the Magician’s quest.

North East corner of the map in every start I’ve had, and it looks like a shadow on the water with a green port circle in the middle. Definitely take coffee…

Has anyone obtained a Port Report for Irem? It looks like it’s now required for the Zong of the Zee - but I don’t see an option to get one there.

Someone said it and the Kingeater’s Castle one haven’t yet been implemented, which I can believe.

It could be similar to the Port Report of Fallen London from The Iron Republic, or the special stuff around Nuncio’s report. Certain circumstances maybe allow for one to be made?

IDK, the former suggestion is probably more likely, though that far east, you’d wonder if the Admiralty would believe anything you tell them. lol

I have a similar issue currently: the Admiral wants me to retrieve strategic info from the Grand Geode, but there’s no option there to receive it. Which rather halts that storyline, alas :(.

Strategic info is really only good for echoes and vital intelligence. If you have a network in Khan’s Heart, strategic information isn’t that important anymore. Also, certain actions can give you strategic information.

Rare event gathering intelligence in Gaider’s Mourn, 50/50 buying from Sheperd isles (expensive!), event in the Fathomking’s hold (must use a zee story).

This is only true if you don’t mind spending your SAY at Khan’s Heart on it, of course.