Inviting a friend

What’s the most beneficial way to invite a friend and how is this accomplished? I feel kinda dumb aking how to invite people, by hey, Fallen London can be a little bit obtuse at times.[li]

I too would love information on this. I am tempted to directly use any one of the in-game options, but there was a cryptic note I saw somewhere about earning Fate by luring people to the Neath by linking something in your social media profile. I am, at heart, a mercenary and wonder if this option exists and how it works.[li]

I’m pretty sure there isn’t any Fate to be earned from getting other people to play. When I joined Fallen London my friend only got Darkdrop Coffee, and the other invitation specific rewards aren’t Fate.

I’ve heard of an option that gives Connected: Masters for both parties. I imagine that would be the best one. ;)

So I’ve finally decided to start up a second character in Fallen London for those times when my actions just seem to have run out too quickly. I figure I might as well invite ‘myself’ through the game to take advantage of any bonuses, but I now can’t find any way to do that in my lodgings. Will I need to wait for an Opportunity card? And ARE there still bonuses for doing this?

Apparently you get Darkdrop Coffee when a new account is created from a link on your own profile, so that may be the best and also easiest option. 10 Actions is a pretty good reward, considering what you can do with those.

Well I just grabbed the first opportunity option that came along. I didn’t receive much for sending the invite, and don’t seem to have received any coffee yet either. Oh well!

The greater part of the reward comes after the invite is accepted.

By the way, has anyone managed to unlock the short storylines that come from some of the recruitment options? I know there’s one where you’re trying to set up some artistic school, and another where you’re calling a friend down to fight together, but I never managed to unlock them.

Yes, you start it through Intercept another courier in Spite.


hmm scraps dust from the thread, i don’t know if anythings changed, in the FAQ it says i can invite a friend, when i’m in my lodgings.
I only started with Fallen London (came here via Sunless Sea, played that the last weeks and thought i could try the Browser Game),
and when i click on &quotmyself&quot and then change the card to &quotmy lodgings&quot (which says &quota spared bedroom) i don’t see any option to invite
I only see &quotprofile options&quot which let me choose 2 qualities and i could make my Proifle privat (which i haven’t clicked) and thats it.
Under that i have the qualities i gained, on the right is my inventory and avbove that things like affiliation, transportation and other things.
So, do i have to play more Fallen London?
Do i have to gain another lodging to invite friends?
What do i miss?

Thanks for your help. ;)

It means the lodgings on the map, not your inventory. It should have stuff like “invite a friend to something dangerous”. And a few more options under “society and scandal”.

AHHH, okay, i need to travel there,goog, thanks for your help.

hmm, another question, there are several options, which one gives me a link which i can give a friend
via skype or email so that they can click on that, register here and we can play together?
Also, are there any things i should consider?
Do i get something out of inviting a friend?