Invitation: A Livejournal Christmas Party

On behalf of the FL RP group over on Livejournal, you are all cordially invited to attend:

A Christmas Gathering at the Merkel Estate!

We accept all comers, new and old alike, for this Holiday-themed RP in Fallen London - there’s no application process to join, you just have to show up. The party is not active yet, but will be posted on the 18th of December for all your DELICIOUS roleplay characters to attend, should you see fit. You don’t even need to make a LiveJournal account: you can play with an OpenID, Facebook, or a Twitter account!

[The holidays are a busy time for many of us, so it is perhaps worth noting: these parties stay active for a long time. If you won’t be able to join us around Christmas, but still feel the festive spirit afterwards, dropping in a week (or more!) into January is perfectly fine - we’d still love to see you!]

My apologies for double-posting, but the party is now live.