Invisible quality?

I probably should know this already - but is there a quality type that doesn’t display - either in the side bar, or when it changes as a result of something in the storylet? (So I can track something invisibly without having to tax my tired brain with in-game appropriate description.)

This is not possible, because the creators of StoryNexus valued transparency in the game mechanics. Clever QLDs and QCDs are the only way to keep the player in the dark.

Yes, which is so abusable that FBG may as well just have allowed hidden qualities. They even do it themselves in Fallen London with the various randomisers. The trick is to use the same QCDs for several different qualities (I use &quotGrey skies…&quot quite a bit). It’s fine as it is though - the main thing I find annoying is just large storylet results screens when you need to set a few at a time.